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Events and gatherings are a great place to take a peek at conservatives in action, learn more about those engaged, support like minded people, or connect for action in local and national government.  Our meetings are sometimes fun and social and at other times formal and deliberate.  Join our e-mail list from the Contact page and stay in touch so that you can get in where you're most comfortable.

Upcoming Events

June 2-4 '16, State Convention/Elections, Augusta Ga.


January Mixer TBA


Radio Shows and Conference Calls

Conservative Organizations Meetings & Events



Feb. 11 County Precinct Mtg

Mar. 18 County Convention

Apr. 22 District Convention

(ask your county chair for details)


"From the days of Frederick Douglass to Black Wall Street Republicanism led to gains for the Black American family, Black American commerce, and liberty in general.  The modern sell out to a commitment to one party has been a major setback."

-Joe Johnson


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