The Georgia Black Republican Council advocates for uplifting solutions focusing on Black Americans.


Come to an event as an open minded guest or an aspiring candidate. Third Thursdays each month @ 6:00.


Members Meeting, January 17 6:00 p.m. at GOP HQ in Buckhead.  Mixer and Reception to follow at 7:00p.

Join us and learn why others like you choose to vote their values with the Republican Party.


Because their future matters!

We are pro-American uplift!

Restoring the American Dream for future generations.

An authoritative hearing on illegal immigration's  impact.

Isn't it time to change the statistics? If you are like us, you feel a responsibility to continue the work done for freeing people from Sojourner Truth to Frederick Douglass, to the Reverend Martin Luther King.  They had a common faith, driving a common concern for all American citizens.  What they achieved with the conservative people building values of yesteryear, combined with the leveraged learning of today can restore the American Dream for future generations.

We believe America benefits from prioritized legal immigration.  We believe America has a duty to its citizens first.  We will fight for all Americans, black, brown or other to prosper from their employment, thrift and their ancestor's labor to build our country.  Immigrants from around the world are attracted to our country because of our exceptional commitment our people & processes.

Growth & Opportunity?

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Growth & Opportunity?

"From the days of Frederick Douglass to Black Wall Street Republicanism led to gains for the Black American family, Black American commerce, and liberty in general.  The modern sell out to a commitment to one party has been a major setback."

-Joe Johnson


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