Why Republicanism

we are conservatives who vote our values


The stats don't lie.  Most black Americans have conservative personal values.  We believe in the role of faith in the freedom struggle and we cling to its power.


Free Markets

The ability to pursue income and accumulate wealth is an undeniable force for self determination, if not an equalizer.   The unhindered pursuit of markets also spurs Americans to creatively innovate, to improve products and services for customers, to create revenues that in turn create more innovation and jobs.  Furthermore, like skilled athletes training together, competition from others improves the overall performance of the collective whole.  That's a win for everyone.



Much has been sacrificed in the civil rights struggle for black American men and women to be supported as husband and wife, father and mother.  God's adage that we be fruitful and multiply has been ignored by legislation that reduces personal responsibility, hinders the economic freedom of breadwinners, and devalues the lives of unborn black children.


Limited Government

We believe that the best person to handle you is you.  We believe that government should care for the "common" and "shared communal needs" that individuals cannot achieve on their on.  We know that when too many depend on government as the primary source of help, government is weakened to the point where it can no longer serve its primary purposes.

"From the days of Frederick Douglass to Black Wall Street Republicanism led to gains for the Black American family, Black American commerce, and liberty in general.  The modern sell out to a commitment to one party has been a major setback."

-Joe Johnson


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